Values shape our organizational culture and how we behave with one another in the organization, projects, community and family.
 Practice punctuality, hard work, diligence and professionalism,
 High sense of selfless service, advocacy and dedication to societal needs especially the needs of the weakest among us,
 Eschew corruption, caste, gender and ethnic discrimination in all forms,
 Be thrifty and make wise use of all our resources,
 Be communicative, pleasant, friendly, considerate, and responsive to one another,
 Promote team spirit based on active mutual support, individual excellence and innovation,
 Transform conflicts through positive attitude and
 Be responsible members of our organization, family, society and our nation.


Networks For Knowledge Management

  • INTRAC-Oxford
  • PRIYA– New Delhi
  • RDRS-Bangladesh
  • AIT– Asian NGDO Management CHAKRA Network, Bangkok, Thailand
  • WE CITIZENS-Russia

Partner Organizations

  • UNDP
  • UNV
  • VSO
  • LWFN, etc



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