The Portfolios managed and implemented by SEARCH-Nepal has varied over the decades of the 1980s; 1990s and 200.
The table below provides the glimpse of some of the portfolios accomplished by SN.


1980-90 Integrated Rural Development, Watershed Management
Livelihood, Capacity Buiding Training Programmes
1990-200 Civic Education, Rights Based Approach, Gender and Development, Integrated
Community Development, NGDO Management Training Programme.
2000-2010 Conflict Mapping and Management, Integrated Community Development, Sustainable Development and Environment, Capacity Building Training Programme.
2010 - 2020

Gender, Masculinity and Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Resilience, Integrated Community Development, Citizens, Women and Human Rights, Inclusion and Participation, Democractic Good Governance, Coalition Building, Capacity Building Traning Programmes, Enterprise Development, Cooperative Development and Public-Private Partnership in NGDOs.


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