Capacity Growth

The Capacity building training is one of the strategic objective of SN.


Various training workshops both national and international are being conducted in cooperation with various international networks such as: Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok; Asian Chakra Network; CASDIN (Kazakhastan); We Citizens (Russia); Asian Rural Institute; AsiaDHRRA and other national and regional networks.

Capacity Growth

  • Appreciative Inquiry Approach (AIA)
  • Capacity Growth of CBOs, NGOs and Development Partners
  • Community Based Disaster Management
  • Community Mobilization and Self-Help Development
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Environmental Planning and Project Management.
  • Financial Planning, Financial Analysis and Management
  • Gender, Development and Empowerment
  • Democracy Strengthening and Good Governance
  • Human Development and Management
  • Impact and Result Based Management (RBM)
  • Leadership and Management
  • Learning Organization
  • Logical Framework Analysis
  • Management Information Systems
  • Micro-Finance, Savings and Credit and IGA
  • New Business Creation
  • NGO/CBO Management
  • Organizational Analysis and (OD)
  • Participatory Community Assessment: PRA; CAP; SARAR etc.
  • Participatory Impact Monitoring (PIM)
  • Project Design, Planning and Management
  • Public/Social Audit
  • Result Based Management
  • Strategic Development and Planning
  • Survey Research, Operation Research, Market Research; Opinion Polling
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Studies and Assessment
  • TNA and development of training manuals
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)

Training Approach
The training workshops follow a participatory approach in which participants are actively involved in self-learning. Each module is delivered in a structured manner, interesting facilitation, group works, case studies, work sheets and energizers are used to keep the training enjoyable. Training workshops are held both in English and Nepali. The training workshops follow a hands-on adult experiential leaning approach leading to tangible action plan for each participant or agency.

Resource Persons
SN has a number of well-qualified and experienced development professionals trained in UK, USA, Western Europe and Asia. They represent the cream of some of the best universities and leaning institutions globally.

A group between 15 to 25 participants are ideal for intensive coaching and cross-fertilization of ideas between participants and RPs.


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