SEARCH-Nepal (SN), carries out routine advocacy efforts and campaigns in order to meet its VMVG and Objectives. The Advocacy efforts are aimed and geared towards operational and policy level.  The operational level advocacy efforts are carried out at individual, household and community level.  The operational level advocacy efforts are also focused at local governments, i.e. VDCs and DDC level.  Likewise, the policy advocacy efforts are aimed at central government, international development partners, regional institutions and inter-governmental organisations. 

These advocacy efforts are carried out through daily interactions, development communication through mass media, street campaigns, rallies, public hearings, public audits, international UN days and special occasions.  Annual self-help group (SHG) days, publications of books, reports, journal papers and research reports also contribute to policy advocacy efforts. Routine workshops, seminars, interaction programs and TV chat shows including documentary programmes also add to these efforts.

Currently, a documentary on self-help development called
" The Smiles from the Himalayas: Living, Learning and Celebrating with the People", is  "aired" through major national satellite channels and is also accessed through social media sites such as You Tube and Face book.

The Advocacy related issues are as follows:

  • Self-Reliant Development through Self-help Groups (SHGs)
  • Gender, Women's Equality and Sustainable Development
  • Campaign against Violence Against Women (VAW)
  • Campagin against Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • Trafficking in Person (Women, Children and Labour)
  • Campaign related to Primary Health Care & HIV and AIDs Awareness
  • Citizens Rights & Human Rights
  • Strengthening Stable Democracy and Good Governance
  • Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Strengthened Livelihood, Food security and food Soverignity
  • Transparency and Corruption Free Space in public services and institutions
  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Community Resilience and Response to Climate Change
  • Community Resilience and Response to Natural Disasters
  • Clean Alternative Energy Development
  • Children and Youth's Gainful Employment.

These issues are advocated through various means including popular songs, dramas, skits, publications and various multi-media approaches effectively.



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