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Process Consultancy

Process consultancy and operations research are offered for a range of products such as systems development, institutinal analysis, market research, baseline survey, impacr monitoring to designing highly complex engineering and natural resources management projects. Project design and management encompassing all of the important elements including human resources development are offered under process consultancy. 

Specifically, these elements are are baseline studies; community analysis; project design and management; impact monitoring; impact evaluation; project planning; market research; environmental research etc.

Furthermore, services are offered for organizational analysis and development; systems development; strategy development, monitoring and evaluation systems. In the past few years, SN has started to provide capacity building and practical research for sustainable forest management; issues related to global warming and climate change; food security and community preparedness and response to natural disasters.

Major highlights of some accomplished action research and consultancy works are given below.

  • Livelihood, income and employment generation project (IGPP), Palpa,  SDC/GTZ/HMG, 1983-1988
  • Participatory Action Research and Rural Development Extension in upper Karnali area, CIDA/HMG-N (1988-992)
  • District Identification and Selection Mission, Action Aid-Nepal (1989)
  • District Idenification and Selection Mission, Janakpur (SCF-Japan) (1999)
  • Evaluation of 'Redd Barna-Nepal's  East Palpa Community Development Project (1999)
  • Rolpa Development Project,  Lutheran World Service-Nepal. (1999)
  • Review of Development Communication in Nepal, UNICEF. (1991)
  • Voter Education Campaign in middle hill districts of Nepal, USAID-Nepal. (1991)
  • General Election Monitoring Programme in 4 middle hill and 16-mountain district of Nepal, USAID-Nepal(1991)
  • Project Design and Appraisal, SCF-Japan.(1992)
  • Appraisal Study of Rolpa Community Development Project, Lutheran World Service. (1992)
  • Cross Cultural Publication, The Asia Foundation. (1992)
  • Technical Assistance to Shitrii Shakti's Status Of Women in Nepal Research Project (1992-94)
  • On-Site Sanitation Study cum Pilot Implementation Project in 14 Municipalities, World Bank/IDA.(1991/1994)
  • Political Opinion Survey in 3 districts of Nepal, USAID-Nepal.(1994)
  • A Critical Study of Bhutan's Needs, PLAN-International.(1995)
  •  Mid-term Evaluation Study of NGOs in Mid and Far Western Regions of Nepal, UNDP/SWC. (1995)
  • Technical and Management support to NGOs in Mid and Far Western Region, UNDP/SWC (1994-1998)
  • Achievement Study and preparation of “Users Friendly” Information Booklet of PLAN-International's Major Activities in the Kathmandu Valley in Last 17 Years, PLAN-International (1995)
  • Technical and Management support to Partners in Development Programme (PDP-II), UNDP.(1996-1998)
  • British Voluntary Services Overseas/ECCA Mid-term Evaluation of (Environment Project),EU  (1999)
  • Operations Study in Parbat and Kapilvastu district related to NGO-FP/GTZ, (1999)
  • Programme Development and Capacity Building of NGOs and UGs Under RCIW/FfW/GTZ in Kailali and Kanchanpur district, (1999)
  • Movement for Self-Help Development (MSD), AusAID supported SEARCH-Nepal Project (1999)
  • Mid Term Evaluation of NGO-Fund Project GTZ,  (2000)
  • Movement for Self-Help Development (MSD), SEARCH-Nepal, Action Aid (2000)
  •  VSO/ECCA Final Evaluation of EICDP project, (VSO/EU). (2001)
  • Sustainable Area Based Community and Institutional Development Initiatives (SACID), MISEREOR, Germany (2001- 2003)
  • Movement for Self-Help Development (MSD), Action Aid Nepal, Chitlang, Makwanpur,  (2001 - 2003)
  • Operation Study of NGO-FP, GTZ (2002)
  • Result Based Monitoring (RBM), Operations Manual,  GTZ .Nepal, (2003-2004)
  • Assessment of the School and Community Health Project, Kavrepalanchowk,  HMG/JMA/JICA.(2004)
  • Sustainable Area Based Community and Institutional Development Initiatives (SACID), MISEREOR,  Germany, (2004-2006)
  • Change Management of Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Services (RDRS), Bangladesh (2004)
  • Final Evaluation of Afghanistan Development Agency’s EC Core Project and Mid-term Evaluation of ADA’s EC Emergency Project, ADA/EU, Afganistan(2004)
  • Terminal Evaluation of the School and Community Health Project , Kavrepalanchowk, HMG/JMA (JICA) (2004)
  • Smoke Awareness Survey , ITDG Nepal (2004)
  • Feasibility Study in Ramechhap District to Implement Community Development Project , LWF Nepal (2004)
  •  Evaluation of Empowerment Project, LWF Nepal. (2004)
  • The Mid Term Evaluation of Livelihood Support and Drought Mitigation Project-Afghan Development Association(ADA), European Commission(EC), Afganistan(2004)
  • Sustainable Area Based Community and Institutional Development Initiatives (SACID), MISEREOR, Germany (2007-2009)
  •  Movement for Self-help Developmen(MSD) towards Sustainable Livelihood, AusAID Nepal (2005)
  • Smoke Awareness Campaign, ITDG Nepal(2005)
  • Scaling- Up of Indoors Smoke Alleviation Initiatives in Rasuwa District, ITDG Nepal (2005)
  • Movement for Self-help Development (MSD) towards Sustainable Livelihood, AusAID Nepal, (2006 - 2008)
  • Final Evaluation Community Capacity-Building and Local Initiatives for Disaster Preparedness, RDRS Bangladesh (2006)
  • Final Evaluation of the EU/Oxfam Novib funded Management Development Foundation (MDF) Capacity Building Process and Capacity Building for Agricultural Revival Project (CaBARP), Afghanistan(2006)
  • Evaluation of RDRS Federation Capacity Building and Social Mobilization Project (2003-2006); European Commission; and DCA; FCA; FCA; COs. Bangladesh (2006)
  • Evaluation of Lutheran World Federation/Nepal's, Country Strategy, 2003-2006, LWF Nepal, (2006)
  • Organizational  Development and Planning to Shtrii Shakti,  supported by EED,  Germany. (2007 - 2009)
  • Peace, Reconciliation and Sustainable Development (PRSDI), Search/Nepal, MISEREOR, Germany, (2008 - 2010)
  • Livelihood support and Institutional Development for Poverty Reduction, Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF), Rasuwa and Okhaldunga Districts, World Bank, (2006- 2012)
  • Support for Improvement of Primary School Management in Nepal (SISM) in Rasuwa, Japan International Cooperation Agency/JICA,  (2008-2011)
  • Review of Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF) Proposals and Interview for Harka Gurung Research Fund (HGRF), NORAD/SNV (2011)
  • Stormme Foundation's Institutional Assessment for Potential Partner NGOs in Nepal, SF/Sri Lanka/Norway, (2011)
  • Enhancing Food Security and Livelihood Opportunities through Agroforestry/Community Forestry in the mid-hills of Nepal. A Scoping Study for Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), AusAid in cooperation with World Agroforestry Center, Boho, Indonesia and IUCN-Nepal. (2012).


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