SEARCH-Nepal (SN) is a value-based, action-oriented, autonomous, non-profit, secular and non-political development organization (NGDO).   It trains, counsels and supports NGDOs in addressing development goals, carrying out action research and facing management challenges.  Building capacity of peoples and institutions has been a major theme of Search Nepal.  SEARCH conducts grassroots level and national level training through SN's own research and training section or in cooperation with other national level NGDOs, INGOs, donors or projects. International level training programs are conducted either in association with AIT/Asian NGDOs Consortium; other network consortiums of SN spread across the globe or independently with bilateral partners.

Major highlights of some accomplished building capacity activities in chronological order are:


• Pilot NGDO Management Training Workshop in Bangkok- AIT Bangkok, Thailand

• NGDO Management Training -SCF-UK, Nepal
• NGDO Management Training  of Asian NGOs,-AIT/NGDO, Dhudikhel, Nepal

• Financial Management Training for  NGOs & INGOs-Staff College, Nepal
• Human Resource Development Training to HRD Officers-SNV-Nepal, Nepal
• Institution Development  and Capacity Building Training for Women-IIDS/ADB, Nepal
• NGDO Management Development T. in Far Western Region-UNDP/DDS, Nepal
• NGDO Management Development Training in Nepalgunj-UN/DDC/SWC , Nepal
• NGDO Management Training  in Loreto College-RDRS, Darjeeling, India
• NGDO Management Training,  University-PhilDHRRA, Manila, Phillipine
• NGDO Management Training to Sr. Staff -SARVODAYA, Sri-Lanka

• Capacity Building, Networking and Exposure T. to  PDP II-Dhudikhel, Nepal
• Financial Management Training from Various organization-Kathmandu, Nepal
• Livestock Management Training to Staff of PDP II-PDP, Nepal
• Micro Enterprise Development i.e. Metal Training-Kuntabesi, Kavre
• NGDO Management Training to Sr. Level Staff-RDRS, Kalimpong, Nepal
• Participatory Rural Appraisal to Staff of PDP II- PDP, Nepal
• Peer Group Evaluation Training To Staff of PDP II-PDP, Dhudikhel, Nepal
• Strategic Management Training  in Loreto College-RDRS, Darjeeling, India
• Training of Trainer(TOT) to in Loreto College-RDRS, Darjeeling, India

• Capacity Building Training  - ACAP, Pokhara, Nepal
• Institution Development Training in  Mustang-Canadian Cooperation, Nepal
• Monitoring and Evaluation T. from various Organization-Staff College, Nepal
• Participatory Project Planning Evaluation Training-KCAP/WWF, Nepal
• Participatory Rural Enterprise Development Training -Jawalakhel, Nepal
• Phase out Monitoring training to Staff of PDP II- PDP, Dhudikhe, Nepal
• Monitoring & Evaluation Training Workshop, ACAP Staff College, Nepal

• Institutional Development Training, Canadian Cooperation,  Nepal
• NGDO Strategy Management T. CASDIN,Kazakistan, Russia
• Training Impact Assessment on NGDO M.,TOT & S M- RDRS  Bangladesh, Bangladesh


• Community Based Disaster Management and Strategic Management Training,  RDRS Bangladesh,  Bangladesh
• Financial Management Training Workshop, SCF--Norway, Nepal
• Institution and Program Management-Canadian Cooperation, Nepal

• International  Financial Management Workshop- RDRS  Bangladesh, Darjeeling, India
• Gender & Empowerment Training - RDRS  Bangladesh, Darjeeling, India
• Global Micro Finance Workshop- RDRS  Bangladesh, Bangladesh
• Strategic Management Training Workshop- Jiri  Technical school, Nepal


• Building Capacity  Financial Management T. Workshop- Action Aid, , Nepal
• Project Design &  Management Training Workshop- WWF/NGO-FP GTZ , Nepal
• Community Organizing & CBO’s OD Training Workshop, LDTA, Nepal
• NGDO Management training workshop, CARE Nepal, Nepal

• Log Frame Workshop, Sagarmatha National Park Buffer Zone, WWF, Nepal
• Social Leadership Development Workshop, KCAP/WWF Conservation Area Project) in the workshop, Nepal
• Organizational Development Training Workshop, Sagarmatha Community Agro-Forestry Project/WWF, Nepal
• Proposal and Report writing Training Workshop, Women Development Officers from DACAW, UNICEF, Nepal.
• Proposal and Report writing Training Workshop to Department of Women Development and Women Development Officers, JICA, Nepal
• Enhancing capacity of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in RDRS Programme Sites in North Bangladesh, RDRS  Bangladesh, Bangladesh

• Training Skill Transformation Training Workshop, Marsyangdi, RDRS  Bangladesh, Nepal
• Training for Transformation and Empowerment,  Pokhara, Nepal

• Regional Financial Management Training, RDRS  Bangladesh, Nepal
• Monitoring and Evaluation Training, WWF, Nepal
• Community Mobilization and Facilitating Training, Base Bardia, Nepal

• Empowering Societies to Mitigate Effects of the Earthquakes, RDRS Bangladesh, Darjeeling, India

• Community Empowerment through Human Rights Based Approach, RDRS Bangladesh, Bangladesh.
• Social Leadership Development Workshop, WWF , Nepal
• Organizational Development Training Workshop, Action Aid, Nepal

• Project Design &  Management Training Workshop- SCF USA, Nepal
• Community Organizing & CBO’s OD Training Workshop,  NGOs and INGOs staff, Nepal
• Organizational Management Training Workshop, NGO and INGO staff, Nepal

o Organizational Development Training  for NGDO Leaders, Nepal
o Community Organizing through Right Based Management Approach, RDRS  Bangladesh, Bangladesh
o NGO Management Training Workshop for  NGOs, Kathmandu, Nepal

 Organizational Management and Knowledge Management Training Workshop to RDRS Bangladesh, Darjeeling, India.



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