Outsourcing services

Young Multipurpose Trading Pvt. Ltd. provides business process outsourcing services for the development of your products, skills and services. Outsourcing is moving from a cost- saving measure to a key part of corporate procedure. Our company is involved in outsourcing of products and services in diverse fields such as business, communication, human resource, etc. Our outsourcing team caters in smoothening the communication, product quality and thus ensures customer satisfaction.

Job Placement

What makes us so special is our tenacious drive for excellence. We are directed towards recruiting staffs and training them to the highest levels. Our training program will give you an opportunity to gain work experience and ensure your placement for a job. We guarantee that you will get hands-on practical skills, knowledge and experience for a professional real-world environment.

House Construction and Real Estate

Construction includes an extensive variety of activities which includes building, adjustment and repair. House construction comprises of various sectors such as residential construction, commercial construction, roadway construction and so on. Likewise, we are also engaged in buying, selling, or renting land, buildings or housing. We are the best solution who will guide you through buying, selling, as well as building or remodeling a property.

Import/Export Services

Young Multipurpose Trading is also involved in import and export services. We have been importing various goods such as Electronic Goods, Spare parts, Readymade Clothes from third country including India. Apart from this, we have also been exporting Nepali Handicrafts, carpets, garments, textiles and many other goods.

Cleaning, Housekeeping, Gardening

A perfect, clean and fresh appearance is very appealing and welcoming for the clients. We have been providing cleaning, housekeeping, gardening and other logistic services in various residential, commercial and industrial sectors. It includes services such as handling equipments, room arrangements, Garden management, cleaning bathroom, kitchen and lobby and so on.

Hospitality Services

Young Multipurpose trading Pvt. Ltd. offers an outstanding scope of hospitality administration to hotels, lodges, apartments, and other groups who are looking forward to enhance general execution and pick up a focused edge.

International Consulting

We give proper guidance and direction to globally working organizations and people to effectively oversee contrasts in various business settings. Some of our international consulting activities also include educational counseling, visa assistance, airport assistance, immigration assistance, overseas work permit, job guidance etc.

Project and development services

We are committed in providing the highest level of service for the successful level of project outcomes as per our clients’ requirements. We help you to conveniently manage costs, minimize risks and analyze assets to deliver better business results.

Share Purchase and Sales

Young Multipurpose Training is also involved in trading of shares. We offer an easier gateway where you can purchase, sell and transfer your shares. We have a rich involvement in the share capital market so as to offer our clients a wide range of investment solutions.

Equipments and supplies

We are involved in providing our clients with various equipments and supplies such as electrical equipments, office and school supplies. Despite these services, we have also been providing our clients with drinking water supplies.

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